Mother Milk Ohio Series: Kaila Jackson of Blue Green Patina

As I walked around the Jackson's backyard to meet them, I was greeted by three plump chickens and two barefoot babies. Kaila saunters over, coffee cup in hand and gives me a big hug. We corralled the chickens, picked fresh veggies from the garden, read books, lounged around a bit and ate lunch while Kaila put some finishing touches on a commission painting. 

This is a normal morning in their household - slow, organic, light filled, and a little messy.

I recently sat down with the gardener, wife, mother of two (Piper, 3 and Henry, 1) and artist behind Blue Green Patina Watercolor Art to discuss everything from her business to her own personal triumphs, struggles and everything in between.

(And yes, she's just as dreamy and lovely in person.)

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